Pos.Chip time Participant
14:12:34Gemma Carter
24:13:59Martin Indge
34:19:43Paul Wisbey
44:28:07Jenna Wilkinson
54:38:34Peter Brooker
64:59:06Matthew Wells
75:12:12James Silson
85:23:47Matthew Blackmore-Squires
95:23:47James Morgan
105:24:34Chris Moreton
115:29:41Peter Dawson
125:40:19Olivia Brindle
135:43:00Caroline Pridgeon
145:50:17Daniel Miles
155:50:33Crispin Orr
165:55:56Emma Brace
175:56:15Grant Smith
186:03:43Nicki Kaenzig
196:06:37Jo Richardson
206:11:49Stuart Camps
216:11:49Tim Rowe
226:12:25Sarah Jones
236:12:30Laura Jones
246:27:10Caroline Beggan
256:28:22Janine Haynes
266:36:07Hari Bartlett
276:36:29Guillaume Bouverot
286:36:53Adam Canning
296:37:44Anna Warrington
306:42:02Craig Eley
316:42:02Christian Moller-Olsen
326:45:06Jonathan Gaunt
336:46:12Michael Smith
346:46:13Carolyn Smith
356:46:14Andrew Kelly
366:46:14Geoff Wells
376:46:52Jane Foulkes
386:46:53Dominic Bowen
396:46:53Nicola King
406:47:10Sarah Wright
416:47:42Gareth Crook
426:49:18Graham Cook
436:49:18Lucy Finlay
446:52:26Phil Servas
456:52:58Melissa Dixon
466:58:45Glen Jackson
477:01:07Robert Gray
487:08:02Heather Wheeler
497:13:30Louise Bailey
507:17:48Chris Teller

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