Worthing Triathlon 2018


Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Participant Finish time
1Matthew Stratford2:00:00
2Team Alan Law Physiotherapy2:00:12
3Colin Dixon2:02:20
4Robert Fryer2:04:16
5James Irvine2:04:22
6James Long2:08:03
7Scott Richardson2:08:36
8Aaron Tomasz2:09:34
9Neil Giles2:11:07
10Tom Elliott2:13:53
11Tom Frith2:14:54
12Gunter Eifler2:15:14
13Team Melt2:15:47
14Joe Pascoe2:17:13
15Thomas Coombes2:17:37
16James Graham2:19:36
17Matthew Whittaker2:21:46
18Team Tri Hards2:22:14
19Laura Starmer2:22:37
20Jeremy Gumbley2:23:00
21James Turnell2:23:30
22Russell Farley2:25:53
23Michael Pedel2:26:29
24Steve Catt2:26:50
25Scot Weaver2:29:36
26Tom Seal2:29:49
27Graham Powell2:30:26
28Christopher Davis2:34:24
29Andrew Carter2:35:32
30Robert Clegg2:36:12
31Matthew Woods2:36:18
32Simon Thistlethwaite2:36:33
33Nicole Patterson-Lett2:36:54
34Anne Sydenham2:37:17
35Dan Howarth2:37:32
36Annie Parker2:38:42
37Pieter-Jan Bouten2:38:46
38Josephine Perry2:39:04
39Kirk Proto2:40:47
40Jane Goddard2:40:50
41Darren Hale2:41:33
42Neil Kempshall2:41:40
43James Ferris2:42:10
44Stuart Wass2:42:26
45Rob Marlow2:42:27
46Tony Humberstone2:43:08
47Brett Green2:43:57
48Ian Thompson2:45:31
49Moyra Amess2:46:04
50Gary Locker2:46:26

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