Arundel Triathlon 2018


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Pos.Participant Finish time
1Andrew Robinson2:00:04
2Team Tom Hills Experience2:00:22
3Andrew Gordon2:00:58
4Henry Eaton2:02:11
5Mark Furth2:03:29
6Simon Skinner2:04:14
7James Irvine2:05:11
8Robert Fryer2:05:37
9James Travers2:06:10
10Rob Arkell2:06:47
11James Long2:06:52
12Paul James2:07:26
13Paul Edmonds2:07:31
14Mark Rabaiott2:07:39
15Tom Carter2:08:31
16Alistair Chappelle2:09:03
17Graeme Forrest2:09:11
18Timothy Wood2:09:33
19Damian Domaszewski2:09:40
20Ralph Mullan2:10:26
21Tim George2:10:31
22Andy Bourne2:10:43
23Rory Macmillan2:10:47
24Liam O'mahoney2:11:02
25Mike Williams2:11:15
26Lee Tait2:11:17
27Kayvan Karimi2:11:21
28Ian Scott2:11:28
29Terry Johnson2:11:46
30James Whittle2:12:00
31Tim Lerwill2:12:05
32Neil Giles2:12:08
33Jamie Oakey2:12:10
34George Tidmarsh2:12:14
35David Pennington2:12:36
36James Buckley2:12:39
37Mark Weathersby2:12:56
38Christopher Tait2:13:01
39David Pompairac2:13:03
40Rob Argles2:13:15
41Justin Marshall2:13:33
42Andrew Shirley2:13:46
43Lee Sydenham2:14:07
44Juan Marques2:14:14
45Pete Boustred2:14:18
46Richard Johnson2:14:33
47Gary Spencer2:14:35
48Adrian James2:14:43
49Martin Hill2:14:48
50Ben Wood2:15:06

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