Man V Horse 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:33:54Team Royal Marines
22:34:49Ronnie - Peter Davies
32:35:12Joe Dale
42:35:47Pele - Beti Gordon
52:36:04Josselin Polini
62:36:41Longslade Skipper - Colin Moore
72:37:50Northashariella - Lauren Thorp
82:41:57Ross Macdonald
92:42:36Team Team Pride
102:48:10Team Royal Marines B
112:48:18Matt Jackson
122:48:56Pantywaun Dunedain Ranger - Non Davies
132:49:04Sharloam Bel Bel - Nicola Smith
142:50:52Mark Hopkinson
152:50:54Team Monross Trail Blazers
162:51:18Bright Dawn - Sue Loveridge
172:51:30Andrew Jones
182:53:12Sam Humphrey
192:53:14Ry Webb
202:53:52Lyndon Cooper
212:54:40Team The Mo Farriers
222:55:10Andrew Patterson
232:55:27Later In Life - Harriet Morris
242:56:27Stephen Holdcroft
252:59:23Martyn Driscoll
262:59:30Ben Broyd
272:59:47Team Monross Trailblazers-James Bobby Rich
282:59:50Philip Chritchlow
293:00:02Team Nicholls Bros
303:01:15Robin Woods
313:02:09Chocolat - Suzanne Davies
323:03:22Iestyn Rhodes
333:03:46Dave Rogers
343:04:05Jo Meek
353:04:45Tom Wake
363:05:02Team Preseli Runners
373:05:02Team Man Vs Whores
383:05:25Teifi - Kayleigh Tonkins
393:05:28James Drummond
403:05:29Ben Francis
413:06:25Steven Flowers
423:06:31Tim Livesley
433:07:29Ian Clark
443:07:37Ross Tyrrell
453:07:51Jack Gilbert
463:07:56Stephen Fabes
473:08:08James Eckloff
483:08:31Team Hattons Trotters
493:08:40Gethin Edwards
503:08:47Lee Caves

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