Redway Runners Furzton Relay 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
157:09The 640 Fun Runners
21:01:46Fitmk Flyers
31:02:242 Bros And Their Hoes
41:03:58Knight Striders
51:06:22Team Famsome
61:06:42Downtain Abbey
71:09:50Easy Striders
81:13:18Old Rosie
91:13:40Kev Will Pat Mark
101:14:21Fitmk Flyboys
111:14:25The Redway Deadrocks
121:14:45Mk Trainer
131:16:04The Unpensionables
141:16:06Run The Rainbow Mk2
151:16:53The Brinco's
161:17:14Westside Allstars
171:19:09Joy Striders
181:19:153 Birds And A Bloke
191:20:17The Pennicotta Army
221:22:08Chasing The Unpensionables
231:22:53Mk Trainer Alpha
241:24:24Mr P And His Bits On The Westside
251:24:54Sarahs Runners
271:27:3510 Legs
281:28:38John And The Legs
291:29:20Striders And Cake
301:29:54Big Dave & Co
311:30:53Scrambled Legs
321:30:58Downtain Hunters
331:31:04Jog On!
341:32:29Fuzzy Furzton
351:32:31Mk Trainer Echo
361:34:06Who Run The World? Girls
371:34:14Too Many Braziers
381:34:42Running Away
391:36:02Harry's Heroines
401:36:03Hopefully Faultless
411:36:28Furzton Fillies
421:36:38Stevie's Angels
431:37:03Power Rangers
441:37:44Harry's Rainbow Mean Team
451:38:54The Fab Four
461:39:30Team Brilliant
481:43:37Henrys Runners
491:44:36Earning Our Cake
501:45:13Super Stephæs 65Ers