Alnwick Triathlon 2019

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12 May 2019

The Alnwick Sprint Triathlon 2019 will take place on Sunday 12th May 2019. The race starts at 7:30am with registration open from 6:10am. The swim distance is 400m and there will be staggered wave starts from 7.30am onwards. The bike ride is an undulating single 21km circular loop, with a 5km run to finish. The run will be a multi-lap course as used in 2018, largely on good quality smooth tarmac. There is a post-race buffet, a goodie bag with a commemorative T-shirt, and chip timing.

The event is based at the Willowburn Leisure Centre, Willowburn Lane, Alnwick NE66 2JH. Entries cost £43 for BTF members, £46 for non-BTF members (includes £3 day race license fee).

These prices are £3 less than in 2018 but an administration fee of 6% will be applied to each order by our online entry system partner, Results Base so that the effective prices are £45.58 and £48.76 respectively - still cheaper but not by much! 

If you want to be sent an SMS message of your finish time you can add this option to your basket for a small additional charge.


The Alnwick Sprint Triathlon is a very popular and friendly event. It is organised entirely by volunteers from Alnwick Triathlon Club and the club is very proud to provide an enjoyable event that caters to the complete range of the performance spectrum, newbies & experienced athletes alike. And we very much want the event to continue – to this end please read carefully the following statement from the event organiser.

The 2017 edition of the race saw some great performances, both from finishers and winners, and was (largely) a pleasure to be involved with. However there were two difficult incidents: (1) a marshal was sworn at by a competitor; and (2) there was a collision between a competitor on a bike leg, and a motor vehicle. Additionally we received complaints from professional drivers as to the conduct of the cyclists in the race. Ensuring athlete safety is my number one priority. I am absolutely certain that the overwhelming majority of participants are fully aware when cycling that they are road users first, and competitors second. To address the 2017 issues, specific guidance was issued for the 2018 event as to what actions would lead to a DQ for participants guilty of 'breaking road traffic regulations' or 'dangerous conduct or riding'. I am very pleased that despite deluge rainfall on the morning of the event, there were no repeat of the 2017 issues - two cyclists did 'hit the deck' as a result of cornering a little too fast but there were no serious injuries. Whilst this was largely down to the responsible behaviour of the athletes themselves, I have to believe that the DQ guidance helped to encourage this - so this will remain in place for the 2019 event.

The bike leg is on public non-closed roads and the Highway Code takes precedence. In accordance with BTF rules, we will DQ participants guilty of 'breaking road traffic regulations' or 'dangerous conduct or riding'. There will be local guidance clarifying examples of actions that will attract a DQ and this will include: (1) crossing central white lines on a single carriageway road; (2) not signalling when turning right at a roundabout; (3) not being ready to brake when navigating road junctions and roundabouts. Please remember that all participants have a responsibility both to all others, and all marshals involved on the day – enjoy the day and above all, be a safe example to less experienced athletes.


Please email

  • to be added to the reserve list (include 400m swim time and estimated 21km bike time as well as full contact details)
  • if entered and can no longer make the event
  • with any other queries

Please DO NOT contact Results Base about reserve places or refund requests as they are not able to help in either process.

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12 May 2019
Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre, Willowburn Avenue, Alnwick
Alnwick, Great Britain
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Alnwick Triathlon 2019

  • Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre, Willowburn Avenue, Alnwick
  • Alnwick
  • Great Britain

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