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Finish time Participant
125:24:113000test 3000test
124:12:19Dean Adams
5937:52:04Tom Thomas
2:18:06Traci Edwards
2:18:06Tim Ferguson
2:18:06Alistair Eagles
2:18:06Mark Shenton
2:18:01Chris Earnshaw
2:18:01Angus Mcmillan
2:18:01Debbie Edginton
2:18:01Susan Edwards
2:18:01Robert Foden
2:18:01Michael Eden
2:18:01Ben Elliott
2:18:01Natalie Geere
4:01:24Mandy Beard
2:48:253001test 3001trest
2:48:20Test2001 Test2001
1:22:22John Beston
1:22:02John Boland

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