Pos.Finish time Participant
1015:40:26Robert Metcalf
1025:41:03Melanie Horan
1035:41:10Andrew Morris
1045:42:01Spencer Garlick
1055:42:49Dan Anderson
1065:43:04Rick Anderson
1075:43:14Omar Al-Naimi
1085:44:42Susan Fawkes
1095:45:49Annette Clarke
1105:46:27Wendy O'Connor
1115:46:53Janet Kay
1125:47:09Steven Handy
1135:47:50Shane Cliffe
1145:49:18Natalie Dicks
1155:51:10Edward Masters
1165:51:40David Thompson
1175:51:47Scott Jackson
1185:51:50Owain Davies
1195:52:12Mark Harding
1205:52:13Paul Mckenna
1215:54:45Mellissa Gee
1225:54:48Julie Story
1235:55:07Sharon Duthie
1245:55:21Neil Hannett
1255:56:31Rebecca Green
1265:56:36Taryn Taylor
1275:57:08Richard Goodey
1285:57:34Richard Ward
1295:59:56Simon Stockman
1306:01:50David Ashcroft
1316:02:07Bob Wells
1326:04:26Guy Masters
1336:04:38Darren Mitchell
1346:04:40Steven Clark
1356:04:45David Weston
1366:08:16Simon Austin
1376:08:38Craig Carloss
1386:09:04Chris Corrigan
1396:09:04David Bayliss
1406:09:05Greg Atkinson
1416:09:29Glynis Leo
1426:12:14Abbey Clephane-Wilson
1436:17:46Leigh Ally
1446:18:03Victoria Webster
1456:18:03Claire Hinchcliffe
1466:18:38Angela Green
1476:18:50Shaneen Platten
1486:18:50Steve Platten
1496:24:07Heidi Haigh
1506:26:47Kelly Kisby

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.