Bibno. Participant CategoryDistance
310"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (M) RelaysOutlaw Half
626100% Nutters (M) RelaysOutlaw Half
168Aaron Truscott-Manby(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
408Abigail Johnson(F) 30-34Outlaw Half
4Adam Bowden(M) ProOutlaw Half
692Adam Croy(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
1048Adam Frost(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
906Adam Houghton(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
286Adam Johnston(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
198Adam Proud(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
693Adam Robinson(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
118Adam Rose(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
687Adam Slaughter(M) 25-29Outlaw Half
1311Adam Taylor(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
239Adam Townsend(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
1146Adam Webber(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
382Adam Wright(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
953Adrian Barrell(M) 50-54Outlaw Half
293Adrian Key(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
1120Adrian Kraemer(M) 25-29Outlaw Half
370Adrian Lee-Stokes(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
656Adrian Patterson(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
1334Adrian Taylor(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
794Aggy York(F) 40-44Outlaw Half
1193Aidan Grant(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
826AJ Ellwood(M) 20-24Outlaw Half
905Alan Freshwater(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
521Alan Mackay(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
195Alan Nicolson(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
431Alan Purves(M) 25-29Outlaw Half
351Alan Turton(M) 50-54Outlaw Half
1168Alec Hirst(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
964Alec Mousley(M) 60-64Outlaw Half
1500Alec Paterson(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
285Alessandro Marvaldi(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
837Alex Armes(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
470Alex Carington(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
1374Alex Clemmitt(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
264Alex Dalton(M) 25-29Outlaw Half
1255Alex Doe(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
472Alex Hornett(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
1149Alex O'Donnell(M) 35-39Outlaw Half
171Alex Papadopoulos(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
1315Alex Pope(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
287Alex Taylor(M) 40-44Outlaw Half
1023Alex Walsh(M) 45-49Outlaw Half
828Alexander Booth(M) 25-29Outlaw Half
1497Alexander Lineton(M) 30-34Outlaw Half
547Alexander(Sandy) Telfer(M) 55-59Outlaw Half
1414Alexandra Valokova(F) 35-39Outlaw Half

Number: 1452