Cattle Creep 10K 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:00:56Adrian Ridgway
1021:01:22Carol Rose
1031:01:25Suzanne Sharp
1041:01:39Nicky Pinto-Perez
1051:01:40Ian Cox
1061:02:10Lucinda Parish
1071:02:28Jenny Johnson
1081:02:50Amber Rose
1091:02:57Angela Irving
1101:03:07Tracy Beesley
1111:03:31Debra Andrews
1121:03:35Denise Farmer
1131:03:36Mandy Venner
1141:03:38Lucy Jackson
1151:03:41Annette Howard
1161:03:52Christina Kingsman
1171:03:52Dom Kingsman
1181:03:57Sarah Howell
1191:04:26Anthony Howell
1201:04:55Jane Bateman
1211:04:58Jacqueline Perridge
1221:05:18Alison Cartwright
1231:05:19Hayley Macdonald
1241:05:34Jonathan Clements
1251:05:35Denise Clayden
1261:05:53Victoria Bacon
1271:05:54Zoù Phillips
1281:05:54Aniko Lyle
1291:05:55Helen Wilson
1301:06:06Annette Smyth
1311:06:21Charlotte Grosch
1321:06:21Ricky Robinson
1331:06:45Trevor Creek
1341:07:20Sam Margan
1351:07:34Julie Bousfield
1361:07:47Elaine Wells
1371:08:04Gemma Pickles
1381:08:05Christine Marsh
1391:08:12Derek Andrews
1401:08:57Heather Cecil
1411:08:57Hannah Blythin
1421:09:11Jamie Green
1431:09:14Tony Allen
1441:10:19Angela Adderson
1451:10:45Kelly Roberts
1461:11:15Sarah Loftus
1471:11:33Julie De Gorter
1481:11:34Sue Clements
1491:11:35Helen Rojczyk
1501:12:03Vicky Allen

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