Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
12:31:14Ben FishBlackburn Harriers
22:36:51James BakerChichester Runners & Athletics .
32:38:09Paul AdamsSt Albans Striders
42:45:14Daniel RobinsonBirmingham Running Athletics & .
52:45:22Anthony Bradley
62:46:41Simon Hughes
72:51:57Pierre Chabrelie
82:52:23Martin GroundsellOverton Harriers
92:52:27Carl Partis
102:52:45Dom Jones
112:52:51Gareth Cooke
122:52:57Mark Innocenti
132:53:33Leon RumbleFormula One Circuit Crew
142:54:45Edward BrooksOxford University
152:55:14Ross LangleyTring Rc
162:56:01Nick BottOwls Ac
172:57:21Paul Dean
182:57:42Ian HunterAlchester Running Club
192:58:09Ian BrysonHarpenden Arrows
202:58:53Peter HardcastleSerpentine
212:59:10Michael Nessling
222:59:11Genci PepajRedway Runners
232:59:14Andrew Shreeve
242:59:38Luke HerbertGloucester Athletic Club
253:00:02Renaldas Bugys
263:00:10Keith Cotter
273:01:13Iain CrossSouthampton Ac
283:02:30Simon Lubbock
293:02:40Samuel Dix
303:02:40Robin Weston
313:02:55Giles Horridge
323:03:07Ian BrownTynedale Harriers
333:03:09Chris Mason
343:03:41Kate WrightStratford Upon Avon
353:03:51Geoffrey Cheshire
363:04:16Patrick ElderWarwick University
373:04:20Tom Bassindale
383:04:52Oliver Skittery
393:06:05David CourseBedford Harriers
403:06:29Jon TaylorRugby And Northampton Athletics.
413:06:38Liam White
423:06:43Simon Haywood
433:06:47James CharltonHarpenden Arrows
443:07:31Robert Jackson
453:07:34Paul RobersonReading Roadrunners
463:07:48Andrew Barron
473:07:52Lindy-Lee Folscher
483:08:01Sebastian RoweSt Albans Striders
493:08:17Alan Healy
503:08:33Neil MorganHart Road Runners

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