Pos.Chip time Participant
12:40:06Gareth Cooke
22:41:59Kurtis Gibson
32:42:25Adam Holland
42:43:49Norbert Mihalik
52:44:22Stuart Mills
62:49:36Stuart Temple
72:54:07Stephen Young
82:54:36Alex Metcalfe
92:55:04Paul Goodwin
102:55:21Carl Partis
112:55:29Ian Gallagher
122:55:42Martin Gichuhi
132:57:09Jarek Kowalkowski
142:57:14Tom Sawyer
152:57:18George Mawdsley
162:57:30Paul Adams
172:57:30Andrew Auld
182:57:33Asia Zmyslona
192:57:48Robin Clifford
202:57:53Martin Devine
212:58:07Gary Warren
222:58:09Jim Ketteringham
232:58:11Mark Ames
242:58:27Rick Pearson
252:58:29Chung Yam Hung
262:58:32Jack Chennell
272:58:42Charles Rodmell
282:58:43Ian Mcgilloway
292:58:48Christopher Finister
302:58:51Jonathan Gilling
312:58:52Grant Ramsay
322:58:58Dan Smith
332:59:22David Finch
342:59:33Edward Chuck
352:59:36Lee Hardie
362:59:47Chris Mackie
373:00:10Matt Robinson
383:00:15Matthew Wade
393:00:19Darren Matthews
403:00:24Dan Carter
413:00:41Pete Croall
423:01:16Justin Fiddy
433:01:25Ryan Horwat
443:01:55Thomas Robinson
453:02:07Antonio Maraia
463:02:07Paul Welch
473:02:09Dmitrij Savickij
483:02:38Jonathan Stone
493:02:49Warren Langler Watts
503:02:57Kez Cleal

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