Tour of Milton Keynes 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
126:41Steven Tuttle
226:55Elliot Hind
329:27Ross Langley
430:15Mark Palser
530:17Ian Wood
631:20Tim Inchley
731:50Michael Prest
832:09Stuart Boyer
932:23Andrew Wasdell
1032:25Simon Read
1132:29Simon Kirschner-Heavens
1232:36Christopher Finister
1332:56William Shippin
1433:10Ross Wood
1533:13Andy Sealey
1633:18Andrew Kirschner
1733:19Karl Saunders
1833:25Paul Wright
1933:25Neil Jones
2033:28Caspar Zoeftig
2133:38Tony Daglish
2233:48Robert Thompson
2334:11Jim Buttleman
2434:24Alex Smith
2534:29Jack Comerford
2634:29Neill Boddington
2734:31Sam Spinks
2834:32Helena De Villiers
2934:46Russell Jones
3034:49Chris Nicholson
3134:50Andy Cooper
3234:51Sophie Gibbens
3335:13Ella Townsend
3435:38Michael Kerrigan
3535:42Wendy Clark
3635:52Andrew Stiles
3735:55Jason Carvalho
3836:12Les Turton
3936:20Martin Brent
4036:22Paul Mason
4136:37Kevin Dunkley
4236:40Martinha Ferreira Pestana
4336:40Steven Martin
4436:40Bob Stones
4537:03Alan Roberts
4637:16Gareth Snelson
4737:27Kelvin Smith
4837:50Mervyn Phillips
4938:03Kat Wells
5038:15Jessica Anstee

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