Tour of Milton Keynes 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
5138:22Juile JonesMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5238:25Ian DaveyRedway Runners
5338:27Rudi Chaplin
5438:30Maria CalleiaMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5538:38Sarah LawrenceRedway Runners
5638:46David Findel-HawkinsMarshall Milton Keynes AC
5738:54Siobhan Dyer
5839:31Harry CharlesResultsbase ltd
5939:37Jim MillerMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6040:19Chris MahonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6140:31Martin Horne
6240:48Victoria Kirschner-HeavensMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6341:07Alastair Cameron
6441:37Richard Neale
6541:38Peter TyeMarshall Milton Keynes AC
6641:55Keith CookMarshal Milton Keynes Ac
6742:06David Cullum
6842:49Martin Wilson
6943:10Michael Hockney
7043:15Carissa Wells
7143:57Helen WhalleyRedway Runners
7243:57Lilli Stickley
7344:01Viv MurphyRedway Runners
7444:04Ian StevensRedway Runners
7544:27Robert AndersonMK Lakeside Runners
7644:56Hazel CockerillMarshall Milton Keynes AC
7744:59Natalie Oram-JonesResultsbase ltd
7846:04Tina McgrealRedway Runners
7946:19Andy HarrisonRedway Runners
8047:08Jane Wells
8147:24Vanessa StrideMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8249:17Karen BugajMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8349:28Lucy FitzgeraldRedway Runners
8450:08Lisa FarmerResultsbase ltd
8550:42Nicole BoddingtonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
8650:52Ed Davey
8751:03Grace Davey
8851:06Liz MillerLeighton Buzzard AC
8952:03Jim MorrisonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
9053:04Kaytee Bird
9153:10Tara NeedhamRedway Runners
9254:06Heather CharlesResultsbase ltd
9358:27Dj Darren Crox De HallResultsbase ltd
9458:27Alistair CharlesResultsbase ltd
951:04:22Jane Thorpe
961:05:43Susan O'connellRedway Runners
DNF-Sasha Oram JonesResultsbase ltd

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