Pos.Finish time Participant
6512:30:48Andre Mohamed
6522:30:57Sophia Knight
6532:31:04Julie Smith
6542:31:20Amanda Simms
6552:31:22Tim Collard
6562:31:27Chris Arkell
6572:31:38Jo Hobbs
6582:31:57Sarah Denscombe
6592:31:57Lisa Green
6602:32:05Brian Holden
6612:32:23Gina Quest
6622:32:30Cara Collard
6632:32:54Jake Liddell
6642:32:56Sam Bellamy
6652:33:15Ria Breeze
6662:33:16Hazel Charman
6672:33:25Lyn Bryant-Nichols
6682:34:19Claire Davies Davies
6692:34:33Brodie Pearmaine
6702:35:59Chris Seaton
6712:36:00Colin Nunn
6722:36:02Scott Parker
6732:36:04Sarah Timlett
6742:36:06Lorraine Hume
6752:36:14Rosemary Lucas
6762:36:24Paul Eastman
6772:36:45Patrick Simpkins
6782:36:45Amy Simpkins
6792:36:56Imogen Wallace
6802:37:10Wendy Groussin
6812:37:15Pawel Gorgol
6822:37:16Magdalena Gorgol
6832:37:17Sandra Jansen
6842:37:31Clare Snow
6852:37:39Sally Langford
6862:37:39Tom Langford
6872:39:29Celine Swanson
6882:39:30Ann Henson
6892:39:35Wendy Marshall
6902:39:56Natalie Andrews
6912:40:19James Barnes
6922:41:37Rob Wood
6932:41:40Darren Crummie
6942:41:52Cathy Beresford
6952:42:36Charlotte Toulson
6962:42:37David Chetwynd
6972:42:54Barry Hewett-Dale
6982:42:55Beth Stapleton
6992:45:20Jean Howes
7002:45:43Cheryl Melaniphy

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