Pos.Finish time Participant
118:48Janet Vavangas
222:53Glynis Buchan
326:01Helen Stewart
435:27Jonathan Cordiner
535:27Jonathan Cordiner
635:55Ben Ward
735:55Ben Ward
836:09Callum McWilliam
936:09Callum McWilliam
1036:47Lee Platt
1137:21Martin Burns
1237:43Colin Wooley
1337:43Kenny Wood
1437:43Kenny Wood
1538:27John Bonner
1638:38Pawel Pasko
1739:06Euan Wilson
1839:11June Burr
1939:44Athol Burnett
2040:54Glen Chalmers
2141:07Brian Urquhart
2242:15Steve Leaper
2342:18Bob Crowe
2442:42Stephen Forbes
2542:49Jennifer Murray
2643:09John Duncan
2743:09John Duncan
2843:10Royston Walker
2943:14Neil Mitchell
3043:47Bruce Alexander
3145:35Laura Sorrie
3245:44Alex MacLeod
3345:57Steven Dick
3445:57Steven Dick
3546:02Ross Perry
3646:05Helen Johnstone
3746:37Jason Osborne
3846:48Colin Tait
3946:48Colin Tait
4047:12Danny Hazzard
4147:12Danny Hazzard
4247:17Mark Ironside
4347:17Mark Ironside
4447:59Julie Hutchinson
4547:59Julie Hutchinson
4648:28Andrew Traill
4749:53Warren Thomson
4849:53Nick Wager
4950:08Paul Stewart
5050:12Corine Jack

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