The Maverick inov-8 Original Dorset 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
1012:02:30Tanya Walker
1022:02:32Gavin Smith
1032:02:48Sharon Hardy
1042:03:09Emma Brown
1052:04:29Bob Bruce-Brand
1062:04:29Nikki Harman
1072:04:50Tobyn Thomas
1082:05:17Kevin Balding
1092:06:05Caroline Rabaiotti
1102:06:27Fiona Harvey
1112:06:47Georgia Adey
1122:07:25Alexander Abbott
1132:08:30Alice Mursell
1142:09:45Mary Mellor
1152:10:51Betty Roux
1162:11:03Lexi Rae
1172:11:06Becky Craig
1182:11:06Julia Davis
1192:11:41Fredrika Hansson
1202:12:51Susan Manhood
1212:14:15Lynne Armstrong
1222:14:15Jason Clark
1232:17:16Danielle Torr
1242:17:36Nicola Hartley
1252:18:02Peta Currell
1262:19:11Richard Archer
1272:19:11Gunnleyg Archer
1282:19:20Kerry Firth
1292:19:57Lisa Turner
1302:19:59Karen Martin
1312:20:35Sarah Saupe
1322:26:44Kerstin Cummings
1332:26:46Carol Mccloskey
1342:26:48Anne Minford
1352:28:30Philippa Vanham
--Jeanette Rockley

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