Pos.Finish time Participant
3011:26:19Jennifer Burgess-Thomas
3021:26:25Stephen Hancock
3031:27:00George Houghton
3041:27:25Damien Houseman
3051:27:37Paul Browne
3061:27:43Mark Brocklehurst
3071:27:51Lynette Houghton
3081:28:01Rebecca Green
3091:28:10Olivia Davies
3091:28:10Eoin Lewis
3111:28:25Keith Greig
3121:28:29Terry Holden
3131:28:32Chris Hughes
3141:28:34Khalil Awla
3151:28:40Jay Markland
3161:28:41Julie Valentine
3171:28:44Miles Peacock
3181:29:13Robert Pilling
3191:29:14Sharon Ormston
3201:29:23Stephanie Dean
3211:29:24Lucy Fox
3221:29:25Alexandra Hooton
3221:29:25Garvey Brennard
3241:29:53Bonnie Aaron
3251:30:02Steve Hill
3261:30:26Jonathan Bailey
3271:30:39Isabel Moss
3281:30:55Gary Burt
3291:31:11Michael Stock
3301:31:37Chris Clarke
3311:31:42Kevin Mather
3321:31:48Jo Houghton
3331:31:50Glyn Williams
3341:32:21Sara Master
3351:32:26Jackie Marsh
3361:32:31Roy Fisher
3371:32:45Emma Walker
3381:32:49Jane Cheetham
3391:32:50Craig Badham
3401:32:56Ian Maddrell
3411:33:05Kate James
3421:33:07Helen Waite
3431:33:08Carol Sharpe
3431:33:08Craig Almond
3451:33:27Mark Edgar
3461:33:42Martyn Hodkinson
3471:33:43Claire Lawrence
3481:33:51Iain Brownbridge
3491:33:54Hannah Stevenson
3501:34:04Paul Carter

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