Pos.Finish time Participant
3511:34:22Amy Roberts
3521:34:34Clinton Halsall
3531:34:35Carla Langley
3541:34:46Tony Crawford
3551:34:47Sirka Moore
3561:35:02Graham Stevenson
3571:35:03Karl Evans
3581:35:14Victoria Birrane
3581:35:14Jordan Smith
3601:35:18Ian Miller
3601:35:18Katy Cleece
3621:35:19Lorna Taylor
3631:35:23Zoe Cain
3641:35:26Eddie Gordon
3651:35:51Carl Akeroyd
3661:35:54Helen Culshaw
3671:36:00Nick Raisborough
3681:36:44Al Lawrence
3691:36:45James King
3701:37:19Cheryl Speight
3711:37:26Gemma Leah
3721:37:31Simon Duncan
3731:37:46Lisa Semley
3741:38:14Kathleen Humphries
3751:38:32Gareth Norris
3761:39:01Jackie Gilbert
3761:39:01Lindsey Black
3781:39:16Ben Tyrer
3791:39:21Peter Simpson
3801:39:29Heather Schofield
3801:39:29Holly Thompson
3821:39:53Alison Unsworth
3831:40:00Rona Ricioppo
3831:40:00Claire Greenhalgh
3831:40:00Lorraine Turner
3861:40:01Carolyn Black
3861:40:01Liz Wilson
3881:40:15Paul Sumner
3891:40:26Lee Grayshon
3901:40:30Sam Robinson
3911:41:21Matthew Williams
3911:41:21Anthony Gee
3931:41:22Jonathan Jackson
3941:41:38Jane Hunter
3951:41:41Mike Amberry
3961:42:39Sarah Wadham
3971:42:55Karen Ratcliffe
3981:43:05Laura Heesom
3991:43:13Vicki Anders
3991:43:13Sam Mckenna

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