1 May 2021 -
30 June 2021

Race for a Million

It's time to get up-and-at-em

We’re inviting people from across the south (and beyond) to take part in Race for a Million, a virtual triathlon where all money raised will go towards our £1m overall target to fund vital new recovery facilities in University Hospital Southampton’s Intensive Care Unit.

Compete in a virtual triathlon where you choose how you race

The event will take place online throughout May 2021 and all you need to do is register to run, cycle and swim, individually or as a team, and record your time on our online platform. There are lots of options, from Olympic distances to much shorter challenges suitable for all the family.

Do it wherever suits you, whether it’s on a treadmill, turbo trainer or in your local park or swimming pool - as long as you record your time you’re eligible for the Race to a Million.

This (not so usual) race is so easy to get involved

This isn’t your typical triathlon it’s totally flexible, accessible and open to anyone - no matter if you’re a serious athlete or an absolute beginner, who just wants to get active.

You can even compete on your own or join in as a team. Set the best time you can across three sporting disciplines. Pick from cycling, running, swimming (or an alternative) and choose a course length.

The Olympians

So you think you’re hot stuff and ready to mix it up with the best of the best? Take part in our toughest challenge and set yourself (or your team) against some of the UK’s fastest triathletes, or just compete against your personal best time.

Swim 1500m, Cycle 40k, Run 10k

The Sprint Set

If you fancy yourself as more or a Usain Bolt than a Mo Farah then The Sprint Set is for you. Compete over a shorter virtual course and see how you match up to your fellow sprinters. Remember, you can always call in a team if you want to split the disciplines.

Swim 750m, Cycle 20k, Run 5k

The Fun Heroes

This is the fun one. Perfect for families and people who are looking to get moving after hibernating this winter. Rummage around in cupboards, wardrobes and sheds, and dust off the trainers, bikes and speedos and get active whilst supporting this brilliant cause.

Swim 150m, Cycle 2k, Run 1.2k

Do it in a day or take it slow...

You can tackle the challenge in one go or spread each element over the course of the month of May.

Be a solo racer or compete as a team

Take on the challenge alone

It’s time to show the world what you’ve really got. Join the Solo Racers and set your PB. See how you measure up with friends, club mates and even some of the U.K.’s fastest triathletes.

Beat their times for the ultimate bragging rights while supporting this vital cause.


Team up to share the load

Bring a team together and share out the challenges between them - you’re looking to put together a winning mix of talent.

Each member will be a vital part of your success as you compete against other teams from across the country for the fastest overall time.

Pool your resources and keeping each other motivated, so you smash the competition and your own expectations.

Don’t forget - it’s all for a brilliant cause - and you get a medal!

Help us to hit our £1 million target to fund vital new rehabilitation facilities in University Hospital Southampton’s Intensive Care Unit.

All finishers get a medal!

 Event information
01 May 2021
30 June 2021
Registration is closed
Starts at 23:59

Price per participant
Price £15.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant
Starts at 23:59

Price per participant
Price £15.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant
Starts at 23:59

16+: Price per participant
Price £15.00 + fee
U16: Price per participant
Price £10.00 + fee
U5: Price per participant
Price £0.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant

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