8 February 2021 -
7 March 2021

The Peak Running Lockdown Race Series is an opportunity to take part in virtual versions of Peak Running Races that have not been able to take place physically over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The series operates alongside the ‘Run for the Trees’ personal challenge and is open to anyone who has signed up for that event.

During the 28 days of the Run for the Trees challenge, you will be able to take part in as many or as few of the races listed below as you choose, and compete for prizes in the individual races as well as clocking up distances to earn your Cheery, Lime or Oak Challenge award.

Plus, there’s a special award for anyone achieving the ‘PEAK SLAM’ by completing all 9 races!

The races are:

  1. Solo Starlight: 3.2km (2-miles)
  2. Little Personal Bash: 5km (3.1-miles)
  3. Hob Hurst's at Home: 8km (5-miles)
  4. Personal Winter Bash: 16.1km (10-miles)
  5. Little Doorstep Dipper: 24.1km (15-miles)
  6. Doorstep Dipper: 42.2km (26.2-miles)
  7. Personal Peveril: 53.1km (33-miles)
  8. Lonesome Limestone: 80.5km (50-miles)
  9. My Millstone: 160.9km (100-miles)
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08 February 2021
07 March 2021
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In case of questions about the event please contact Peak Running:

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