Pos.Finish time Participant
2511:55:14Karen Isted
2521:55:17Karl Page
2531:55:17Russell Hughes
2541:55:19Peter Pitman
2551:55:19Kerina Meadows
2561:55:25Fiona Holden
2571:55:34Gail Middleton
2581:55:40Nico Bentall
2591:55:44Mark Mellish
2601:55:47Ellie Draper
2611:55:47Jason Blackford
2621:55:55Clare Mackie
2631:56:00James Thorogood
2641:56:02Andy Gray
2651:56:06Andrew Shill
2661:56:07Michael Ladbrook
2671:56:11Richard Creamer
2681:56:14Antoine Delepine
2691:56:16Mark Gordon
2701:56:16Alexandra Hand
2711:56:17Fay Bromilow
2721:56:18Tom Gray
2731:56:20Tim Brown
2741:56:21Andrew Loukes
2751:56:23Peter Carver
2761:56:24Michael Ball
2771:56:24Edward Dickinson
2781:56:25Emma Nelder
2791:56:25Rebecca Ramsey
2801:56:29Jan Hill
2811:56:34Alison Southam
2821:56:35Ross Moyler
2831:56:35Graham Liddell
2841:56:36Thomas Macken
2851:56:38Andrew Quail
2861:56:40Jack Court
2871:56:41Christelle Etie
2881:56:42José Ignacio Rosino Messa
2891:56:44Charlotte Emms
2901:56:49Joanna Bartlett
2911:56:51Lee Gilbert
2921:56:52Juan Pulido Sanchez
2931:56:54Damian Hamilton
2941:56:56Jonathan Russell
2951:57:01Sarah Haig
2961:57:04Zoe Gordon
2971:57:11Luis Seco
2981:57:11Jose Messa
2991:57:12Jonathan Eyre
3001:57:13Paul Shepherd

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