Pos.Chip time Participant
23:02:03Drinkers With A Running Problem
33:07:13Premature Acceleration
43:08:26The Honey G's
53:08:59Connells Estate Agents C
63:11:47Aztech IT Solutions
73:15:09In Your Pace
83:16:14Randell Runners
93:17:50Chiltern Harriers
103:17:59Team TenBu
113:24:17Stevenage Striders
123:25:45Fat Dadz
133:29:17Buckingham and Stowe Running Club
143:31:12It's all about the coffee
153:32:03Dirty Boys
173:32:26Dla 2
183:32:36Hume's Heroes
193:33:28G, 1 T + 2 Sugars!
203:33:31D&T Purple Ladies
223:35:14Run The Rainbow
233:41:21Yankee Canalers
243:42:46Beauty and the beasts
253:43:31ToF Runners
263:44:21Rumble Racers team Maxwell
273:44:364 Pints Of Sexy
283:44:46Ware wonders
303:47:08Team LAVA
313:48:35Dacorum and Tring AC
323:50:07St Mary's Bletchley
333:50:28Scott White & Hookins
343:51:14We are last who cares!
353:51:27Sole Mates
363:51:47Dla 3
373:54:00Polmans Polecats
383:54:49Saxon's MILE
393:56:47Prosecco Prancers
403:57:11Awesome Foursome Running For Bling
413:57:18Fizz Whizzers
423:57:19The fitMK Awesome Foursome
433:58:16DRR girls on tour
443:58:30Connells Estate Agents B Team
453:59:01The Lin'Slow' 4
463:59:27Wardy's Angels
473:59:35Eliot Ladies @ Ambleside,Nuneaton
483:59:50Sell it with Payroll
494:00:32Great Linford Runners
504:00:53ICAEW runners

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