Pos.Chip time Participant
514:01:06Holding out for a Xero
524:01:10Shenley Brook End School
534:01:15Newport Newbie's
544:01:30Team Um Bongo
554:01:31Arriva Luton
564:02:29Team Excellence
574:02:50Four Seasons
584:05:03Fitclub Fillies
594:05:05Team Balancise
604:05:49Somebody said rum?
614:06:10Blood, sweat and beers
634:07:40Farrlee Knowles
654:08:35Da Brownies
664:09:01Temple Temptresses
674:09:19Swamp Monkeys
684:09:45Connells Estate Agents A Team
694:11:33Cake For Breakfast
704:11:58Sisters with Blisters
714:12:022 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb to Quit
734:13:57Wavendon Runners
744:14:33Woburn Sands Wonder Runners
754:17:36Who run the world? Girls.
764:17:46Wardown Park Runners
764:17:46Rainbow Ladies
794:22:11Owen's Butterflies
804:22:14Four C's
814:22:24Fantastic four
824:22:47Harry's Rainbow Relay Running Superstars
834:23:42The Redway School Racers Team 2
844:24:25The Redway School Racers Team 1
854:24:29The Redway School Racers team 3
864:25:20May the 4 be with you!
874:25:26Injured Wannabes
904:26:46The Green Girls
914:27:13Pepperoni Passion
924:28:19RMR Ladies
934:28:30For Chia
944:29:013 Chicks & A Beard
954:29:07Yes...this Is Our Race Pace!!!
964:29:26Muppets Re-Mastered
974:31:43BSH Home Appliances
984:31:46We thought you said Rum
994:33:36ITAB Run Club
1004:37:26Keens 1

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