Pos.Chip time Participant
12:56:27Kth Track Whippets
22:58:20Whittlesey Warriors
33:04:28Premature Acceleration
43:07:21Top Cats
53:08:20Dla A
63:20:59Team Moose Droop
73:25:554 Udders
83:35:14It's All About The Coffee
93:35:31Dacorum & Tring
103:36:08Kth Ladies
113:37:34The Wannabee Kenyan Beer Drinking Society
123:41:11Muscular Otters
133:42:38Fat Dadz A Team
143:50:543fast 1furious
153:53:54Team Spatula
163:54:42Team David
173:54:59The Wixeys
183:55:16Sole Sisters
193:55:41Heathcote Harriers
203:59:56Dirty Boys
214:01:06Harpenden Arrows Jjjd
224:04:34Wild And Crazy
234:04:45Team Falconhurst
244:06:424 Pints Of Sexy
254:06:53Run?! We Thought They Said Rum!
264:07:04Mercedes-benz Sprinters
274:08:46Tourist Park Runners
284:09:37Ws Wonder Runners
294:09:48Otr To Nowhere
304:11:05We Won
314:11:24Lax Manger
324:11:26Three Men And A Lady
334:11:31123 Current Runner
344:12:31Aff Mostly Retired
354:14:09Dla B
364:14:14Barbershop Quartet
374:17:27Harry's Army Team Two
384:20:14Rr These Girls Can
424:24:35Running For Grace - Team 2
434:25:15Treeton Trotters
444:25:44Marathon Morons
454:25:55Too Stupid To Stop
464:26:17Three Baldies And A Mullett
474:27:19Girls On The Run
484:27:36Fizz Whizzers
494:27:50Chariots Of Perspire!1
504:28:30Shenley Christian Fellowship

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