Pos.Chip time Participant
1015:16:34The Almost Olympians
1025:17:39The Parks Trust
1035:18:11Crazy Chicks
1045:19:12The Misfits
1055:21:38Peanut Butter Jelly Legs
1065:21:54The Green Dream Team
1075:23:353 Tortoises And The Hair.
1085:24:49Not Fast Not Furious
1095:28:07Kj Running Buddies 1
1105:28:08Kj Running Buddies 2
1125:31:35The Schuco Vier
1135:31:35Team Schueco
1155:40:09Slow, But We're Lakeside And We're Doing It!
1165:44:06Mardy Bums
1185:49:01Team Nutter Relay
1196:01:37Irn-bru Crew
1206:24:52Mickey Mouse's Harry Rainbow Posse
1216:30:58Positive Pants
1226:31:51Laura's Angels
1236:43:37Glenn's Angels
1246:53:14The Blister Sisters
1266:56:13Farmers Charmers
QUERY2:56:34Thomas Heaton Lbr
QUERY6:32:15Steve X 5

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