Pos.Chip time Participant
514:29:16Prosecco Prancers
524:29:23Gordon Nelmez Gang
534:29:24Dla C
544:29:56Wootton Lower School
554:30:15Team Joshua
564:31:03Otr Going For Gold
584:33:10Macintyre Team 2
594:34:052 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit!!
604:34:51Willen Hospice Winners
614:34:56The Cheshire Set
624:35:20Stronger Together
634:36:24Sheffield Bank Holiday Mondays
644:37:04Harry's Army Team 1
654:37:10Big Dave & Co
664:38:15Saxon Warriors
674:38:18Mk Wanderers Coaches
684:38:39Mercedes Manics
694:38:43The Satzoomers
704:41:16Sole Mates
714:41:56Team Ride High
724:42:31Worst Pace Scenario
734:43:18Happy Feet
744:45:53Run Mnd
754:49:39In It For The 3rd Medal
764:50:38Willen Hospice Wonders
774:51:51Team 237
784:52:43Three Ladies And A Guy
794:54:02We Sort Of Know What We Are Doing...
804:54:07Moving Mums Thorley
814:54:10Chafing The Dream
824:55:47MK Donnas
834:55:56Mk Mark 2
844:57:463 Men And A Lady
854:57:52Awesome Foursome
864:58:27Team Redway
875:00:03Macintyre Team 1
885:01:20Bonson Burners
895:01:27Team Blind Date
905:01:29It's All About The Bling
915:01:44Not Fast, But Fabulous!
925:02:15Four Cheers
935:02:50South Central Ambulance
945:09:26Yummy Mummy's & Bublicious Cops
965:10:58Run Forest Run
975:12:11The Rambling Roses
985:14:38Running For Grace - Team 1
995:15:30Run With An Itch1
1005:15:49Owg Runners

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